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Extreme Sports

People think of extreme sports in many different ways. Some think that action-packed sports like skydiving, wing-suiting, base jumping e.t.c fits in to the category. While other state that less actionish sports like hiking and off road biking should be called extreme. Thats’s more a matter of opinion than knowledge and facts. It’s up to yourself, what you and your brain are capable of and how big of a death wish you have. Personally I do not have the greatest longing for death. Neither do I fear it, too much.

The extreme sport I’d like to try is called Chinese Downhill. It is not what it sounds like. Chinese Downhill is a race down a snowcapped mountain on skis. It is a weird denomination, and I don’t think it has a real name. In a real race, often arranged by a company or organization, the quantity of participants varies between 50 all the way up to 200. The race starts of att the top of the mountain. When the horn blows there’s only one rule you have to think of, get down!

You and hundreds of other skiers race against the clock. Does not matter how you get down, just do it. At the end of the day the one standing at the top of the podium is the man/woman who gave it all.

I would like to try Chinese downhilling because I fancy skiing and I consider myself being pretty darn good at it. It is also not the most outrageously stupid and dangerous sport out there. It is not an expensive sport or hard to perform. All you need is a mountain, some skis and a handful of friends to race with. It surely is on my bucket list. And i have no doubt, you’ll have fun. Big time!


Garçon Out!

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  1. Great!


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