For the first time in my live I could sleep long because my family had slept over. I rushed up from bed and made some breakfast for Manny but he just dumped it in the plastic toilet. When I got to school I was 40 min late.

 We had Phys Ed with Mr. Underwood. But he was not there, he was eating a sandwich, said Rowley. So I did not get any delay.

 After  that we had math. I saw some easygroup kids saying ”Bink says Boo” and clapping there hands. I don´t really know what it´s with them.

Now it´s lunch and  it´s FOOD FIGHT. Rowley and i luckly managed to escape before we got hit.

After school we went to Rowley´s and play some of his BORING videogames. But his dad was angry and kicked us out. We walked home to me. At home it was CHAOS. Manny had this outbreak because he didn´t get to have his plastictoilet anymore, it´s was broken. ….to be continued.